Siri and the next sex revolution

its the hottest thing right now. She is the new “Facebook” and she’s going to spread literally from mouth to hear. Not only among does who possess the new 4S but also to other platform users, vigorously working on Siri jailbreak or Siri substitutes.Siri succeeds because she fulfills a fantasy.
After all who wouldn’t want a polite personal assistance that will write down, remind, find, dial and get things done? But Siri do more than that. She answers our basic need in interaction even when all you want to do is find out what is the closest open supermarket. Siri fights one of the main Western world diseases – loneliness. And I think that’s what makes her great and potentially even revolutionary.It’s no wonder Siri is a she. After all the target audience for those kind of gadgets are men who secretly (and perhaps not that secretly) always dreamt of keeping a personal assistant. I guess the wives of those men will not object. No, they probably won’t. It will be silly of them to protest that their husbands are talking to their cell phone while driving. At worst, they will say it’s infantile. It’s okay. It’s probably even true.But it’s also true that Siri is making a precedential move.
Because she is, first of all, another female who legitimately belongs to her owner. And as soon as we can personally adjust her personality, and I guess it will happen soon, she will also fulfill another fantasy – owning your dream-choice-totally-personalized chick. I meant… assistant

women, like I said, have no point to resist and as the saying goes, better join the revolution and create for themselves Sirion or Sirio or sirchulio as their new perfect assistant.

Down that road awaits the human-like robots, who will fulfill our most secret desires. But till then, and much sooner, we will start to have feelings for our new personalized devices, and a bit like our beloved pets we will probably become more tolerant to their performances (although they will probably won’t urinate on the carpet).
Because once you like someone, it’s harder to let him go. even when he’s made of nothing but iron and glass.

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11 thoughts on “Siri and the next sex revolution

  1. Siri and her (more advanced) siblings have the potential to change the world. They will be on all of the phones, not just yours and not just phones.
    Think about a Siri on your iPad at home that you will be able to tell her to make an order form the supermarket, or order a DVD from netflix, or turn the boiler on.
    Think about a Siri on your computer that will pay the bills once they arrive, or send a thank you note to all of the people who wished you a happy birthday on Facebook, or wish a happy birthday to all of your friends on Facebook without missing a single day.
    Think about all of the call centers that will have Siri (at least for the easy tasks) on the other side.
    Think about the recorded sales phone calls that you get that could be transformed into Siri to person conversations.
    Think about all of the sales person that you will be able to replace.

    I would love to have a PA that will help me with my day to day tasks, pay my bills, sends happy birthday notes for me, reserve a place in restaurants, find me the best deal with a mobile carrier and what not.

    The fact that you love your iPhone will prevent you from upgrade it to the next version?

    I think that the jump from Siri to sex-droid is far-fetched.
    Sex with Siri is a fetish, a degradation of a woman to an object. There is (still) nobody on the other side.

    • phone salesmen will be replaced sooner than later, in my opinion, with artificial intelligence answering machine. But I think you miss the point.
      of what I’ve learned of human nature (and marketing) it’s not the efficiency that attracts us to certain devices or services but rather the “coolness” or the human experience of using it ( or them).
      Siri, first of all, is fun to use. and it’s fun because she reacts and interact more human like.

      And I don’t think I degraded Siri to be an object. She is an object! or should I say, it’s an object. But “it’s” patterns of behavior upgrade her to a personality more suitably refer as a “she”, which is exactly my point.

      • ravidor on said:

        It’s obvious that Siri is an object. You degrade females when you substitute them for an object.

  2. ByronChurch on said:

    Would I be degrading females if I called you a pussy?

  3. ByronChurch on said:

    Sorry no harm intended. I just can’t stand people belittling my love objects.

    • no harm inflicted. I was called a lot worse and always welcome a challenging critic. especially when he, or she, speaks from the heart. thank you for reading.

      • ByronChurch on said:

        No Eran your article was on it! I was talking to Ravidors comments. Peace

      • Oops! Thats the problem of being a narcsist…you can inflict harm on ravidor. I know him well and he can handle a good fight as long as it only concern a keyboard and a wifi connection.

  4. ravidor on said:

    To call you a pussy is degrading cats,

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