Can the Iphone fight crimes?

The IPhone, or any other smartpon for that matter, can do a lot.  from the most obvious phone call to the less frequent uses such as monitoring your sleep cycles and registering your heart rate after a practice.

But can it also fight crimes?

Clearly, Yes.

Right now the iPhone can be an effective traffic policeman and quite accurately send speeding tickets to anyone driving above restricted speed and in some cases, it can even know you didn’t obey to certain signs on the road (like stop and no entry signs).

Most of us don’t like the fact that the iPhone can know so much about our actions, sins and misdemeanors. Big brother style companies like palantír intimidates us as we fear we will lose our freedom, but if we take this to another line of thought we can Discover something more interesting.

I read Somewhere that Apple listed a patent recently that the iPhone will be able to identify its owner by his special heart pulse print which is unique to each one of us, so that in the future, like blade’s sword, only the legal owner of the device will be able to activate it.

On another occasion, a friend told me about a new prison routine in which prisoners were attached with special bracelets, monitoring their  heartbeats, and alerting in case one of them committed suicide.

Now, if we’ll take those bracelets and attach them to an effective iPhone application we couldn’t get to a point where if someone try to hurt us, our iPhone will know about it!

Then it could also alert the police, record everything around to collect evidence and transmit our location and even nearby devices (I assume that the aggressor also carry a smartphone…).

If you come to think of it this way, you will understand that the iPhone can reduce crimes in a “minority report”  manner (only without those three orphans in the pool) and make us all safer and more protected.

history has showed us that progress cannot be stopped but it can be moderated. Each technological invention has its upside and risks.
Obviously, the smart phones ability to stop crimes is initially determined by the will and conducts of a specific society. A tyranny will use it to spy on its subjects, while democracy would use it to protect the innocent.

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2 thoughts on “Can the Iphone fight crimes?

  1. ravidor on said:

    And you think this is smart?!? Wise?!? Something we should aspire to?!?
    What you are describing here is a totalitarian state.
    If you and your wife like a little spanking in your bedroom? Is it a crime? Your iPhone will say yes.
    Playing Rugby? – a crime.
    Looking into a woman cleavage? – a crime.
    To get safety you pay a price, and the price is your freedom.
    It might be a safer world, I am not sure, but a rigid society is a dead society.
    You should check if Great Britain is a safer country with all of it’s CCTV. I am not sure.

    • Dear ravidor, I think the iPhone will know the difference between a rough foreplay or a rugby match to dangerous violence. but like I said the smart phones ability to stop crimes is initially determined by the will and conducts of a specific society.

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