pigeons, crumbs and the lesson of attracting followers

we have this family routine, going to the park to feed the ducks in the Lake.

the other day, we went there as usual, but because it was a hot day, no ducks were see in the horizon. More as a humorous gesture I raised my hand holding a biscuit, confidently waiting for some bird to come.

My wife laughed at me, saying, we’re wasting our time. but I told her to give me a couple of minutes, and a couple of minutes later I heard a crow standing on a nearby tree. I rose the biscuit again, and the crow noticed it and landed on the ground nearby. As I started throwing crumbs to him, another crow join him.

Full of myself I demanded my wife to declare me King of the Forest, to which she said that “a coconut” is a more suitable title for someone who think two crows is a success. but before she could finish her punch two pigeons and a sparrow join the party, and soon before last 11 additional birds landed at my feet.

“You see, Darling” I concluded “that’s just like in the social media, you just need to spread the crumbs and with a little patience many will come”

( and yes, in the end I was proclaimed king of the Forest…)


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